We're seeking input from everyone who loves
Addison to develop a comprehensive plan that
takes our community to the next level.

Addison's Comprehensive Plan

The Town of Addison is creating a new Comprehensive Plan that aims to take our community to the next level and guide decisions and investments. The plan will speak to how we make use of and preserve our land, the character and feel of new development, housing, how we get around town, and economic development. It will shape the Addison of the future and build on our renowned reputation, moving us forward as we approach our 100th anniversary.

Inclusive community engagement is a critical part of the planning process to ensure that the Advance Addison 2050 Plan is built upon the input of everyone who loves our community. We want you to get involved and help shape our future!

The end goal is to define the vision for Addison at the next level, so we can continue to be a leader not only in DFW, but nationwide.

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