Summary of Week of Vision & Values Conversations

The second round of in-person engagement activities for the Advance Addison Comprehensive Plan took place January 23rd through January 25th, 2024.

The primary objective was to obtain community feedback regarding the community’s assets, values, and aspirations. This information will be used along with other input and data collected to develop a community identity, vision story, and decision-making principles that will guide the remainder of the planning process and future decisions.

This “Week of Vision & Values Conversations” consisted of a variety of activities organized over the course of three days to capture and discuss ideas and concerns. Activities included:

  • Seven pop-ups held at various locations around town to meet people where they organically convene and promote attendance at the 1/25 Community Meeting. Each pop-up had 1-2 engagement boards which had different prompts to be answered.
  • A visioning workshop with Town of Addison Staff
  • Focus group discussions with residents, businesses, and developers to capture specific input on different perspectives and topics
  • A joint workshop with Town Council, Planning & Zoning Commission, and Comp Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) members
  • Community Meeting #2

January 23rd Recap

On Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024, the project team conducted pop-ups at Dunn Brothers in the morning and Ida Claire during the lunch hour. A Town staff leadership visioning workshop was also held mid-morning this day. The visioning workshop focused on what Town staff leadership believed was already being achieved in the current Town of Addison’s vision statement and what could be improved and how. In the afternoon, the project team set out promotional materials at the Athletic Club and walked different trails within the Town to engage residents and promote the Thursday evening community workshop. In the early evening, a pop-up was held at the AMLI Addison to obtain input from the renters’ perspective.

January 24th Recap

On Wednesday, January 24th, 2024, the day began with a pop-up at Java and Hopps in the early morning. Following this pop-up, the first round of focus group discussions was held in the Addison Conference and Theatre Centre. The project team led a discussion with residents from different areas in Addison. During the focus group, residents were asked about what they love about Addison, what they want preserved and enhanced, areas of improvement and a community values ranking exercise. Interviews with a mix of business owners, property managers, and developers were also held over the course of the day to get input on the market and opportunities and threats for the business environment in Addison. Another lunch pop-up took place at Hawkers. During the evening, a joint workshop with City Council, Planning and Zoning Commission, and the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee was held. After a brief update on project progress, participants were split into groups containing representatives of all three bodies, and two exercises were conducted to capture and prioritize shared community values. First, a “flower” exercise was used to help participants think about the different groups of people that live in the Town and identify values that are shared among them. The second activity consisted of each group ranking the top values that they felt the Town of Addison embodies and/or wants to embrace.

January 25th Recap

The morning of Thursday, January 25th, 2024, the day began with a pop-up at Ascension Coffee. The morning pop-up was followed by a second focus group with a different group of residents from the previous day. The final lunch pop-up was held at Astoria Caffe and Wine Bar, where nearby residents and visitors were engaged. That afternoon, the project team spread out to different areas of the Town to meet residents and promote the public community workshop later that evening. Activities concluded with Community Meeting #2 in the evening. This meeting included a brief project update, a community values ranking exercise to further verify and prioritize the top values identified the previous night by elected and appointed officials, and interactive stations for attendees to give input on community assets and aspirations. Additionally, the online mapping tool was rolled out at a station where participants were able to give input on specific locations by dropping pins with comments via the project website.

Next Steps

A full summary of all engagement received to date along with the draft community identity statement, vision story, and decision-making principles will be posted in late March/early April as we transition into the Strategy Development phase of the project. Click here to see the full project timeline.

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