Project Update, April 2024

It’s been a busy couple of months since our last update on Advance Addison 2050! The process of synthesizing data and input from the community into a Community Identity and Vision Story is nearing completion. The project is now moving into Phase 4, where the consultant team will be working with staff to assemble preliminary maps and accompanying recommendations in areas of land use and development character, housing and neighborhoods, and mobility/connectivity.

Community Identity and Vision Story

There are several aspects of Addison’s identity that are important to consider when thinking about where, when, and how Addison develops and redevelops in the future. The team reviewed input from surveys, in-person community engagement activities, and conversations with City Council, Planning and Zoning Committee members, staff, and the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) members and organized information into three separate items that together make up the Community Identity:

  • Values – a collection of items that the broad community shares an interest in
  • Assets – elements in the community people want to protect and improve
  • Aspirations – what Addisonites want the community to become in the future

This information was further evaluated and refined into an abbreviated Vision Statement and expanded Vision Story. Over the past two months, the consultant team has worked with staff and the CPAC to refine the Vision Story. The latest document containing the community identity and vision story can be reviewed here. The overarching theme of both the identity and vision centers around the goal of making Addison more connected and walkable. Continuing Addison’s longtime commitment toward building quality public spaces and improving walkability is critical to keeping Addison attractive to residents of all ages, recruiting and retaining businesses, and attracting visitors, which together will keep Addison uniquely positioned in the DFW Metroplex.

Place Types and Development “Spectrum of Change”

One of the main objectives of a comprehensive plan is to provide a framework to guide future land use and development. For Addison’s plan, we are using ‘place types’ to define the development pattern and character desired for different parts of Addison. The five place types consider existing context and constraints and incorporate a hybrid of different building typologies and densities so Addison can provide different types of neighborhoods and commercial centers to serve current and future residents, businesses, and visitors.

The Place Type map and accompanying descriptions will be supported by a “Spectrum of Change” map. This map will identify areas and accompanying policy goals for properties the community wants to preserve in current form/character, ones that can be incrementally enhanced and improved with managed infill and/or redevelopment, or properties where more aggressive development or redevelopment are needed. Together, the Place Type and Spectrum of Change maps will be used to guide where, when, and how properties are developed in the future.

We’re Ready for Another Round of Community Feedback

The project team is encouraging you and your Addison neighbors and network to provide feedback on these items via interactive virtual engagement rooms. Two (2) different virtual “rooms” have been set up – Room A for feedback on the identity and vision, and Room B for input on place types and development. Each “room” consists of several stations, which are set up in a manner that allows the community to provide feedback through ranking exercises, visual preference selection, mapping activities and general commentary. All residents, Town employees, businesses, commuters and visitors of Addison are invited to participate in these activities. Participants are allowed to revisit the stations if you are short on time or have additional feedback to provide after your first visit.

The virtual engagement rooms will be open through Sunday, May 19, 2024.

The input from the virtual rooms will be monitored and incorporated into the updated draft materials that will be presented and discussed in upcoming community meetings.

Lastly, the next community meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 26, 2024 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Attendees will learn more about the progress of the project and what it means to be an authentically walkable community, and have the opportunity to provide feedback on preliminary maps and strategies to help enhance neighborhoods and connectivity in Addison. We hope to see you there!

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