Comp Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC)


Aaron J. Benjamin
Al Cioffi
David Collins
James (Jim) Decuir
Kathryn Eriksen
Susan Halpern
Joseph Hornisher
Liz Oliphant
Conrad Ornstein
Jim Peck
Carol Rennesund
Tyler Sommers
Kathryn Wheeler
Tyler Wright

Planning & Zoning Representative

Denise Fansler

Legacy Members

Al Angell
Tom Braun
Jim Duffy

Business Representatives

Abigail Stoddart
Britton Wells
Kris Brown
Kris Hannon
Mark Godfrey
Patrick Arnzen
Taylor Bowen

Town Staff

Jade Broadnax, AICP (primary contact)
Comprehensive Planning Manager
(972) 450-2820

Ken Schmidt, AICP
Director of Development Services
(972) 450-7027

Planning & Zoning Commission

Chris DeFrancisco, Chair
Denise Fansler, Vice Chair
Jimmy Barker
Robert Catalani
Diane Chavez
Zach Faircloth
John Meleky

City Council

Bruce Arfsten, Mayor
Eileen Resnik, Mayor Pro Tempore
Guillermo Quintanilla, Deputy Mayor Pro Tempore
Nancy Craig
Darren Gardner
Dan Liscio
Marlin Willesen

Consultant Team

Project Lead
Verdunity is the lead firm responsible for project management, community engagement, and plan design and development. A central tenet of Verdunity’s approach is to provide data, tools, and discussions that help align cities’ development and services with what residents are willing and able to pay for now and in the future. Verdunity staff will lead technical elements related to fiscal analysis, land use and development character, housing, and mobility.
Project Branding, Community Visioning and Engagement
A successful planning process begins and ends with authentic, effective engagement. CivicBrand will facilitate branding and visioning discussions, create and maintain the project website, and assist with development and execution of community engagement activities to ensure we reach a wide range of the community’s members and stakeholders.
Market Research & Economic Resiliency
A critical element of this planning effort will be to evaluate what current businesses and commercial developments to keep, and what needs to change to retain and attract employers, talent, and residents in the future. Hawes-Hill will conduct market research to understand the current conditions and desired future, and develop recommendations to align public and private investment to create and cultivate the community’s desired outcomes.
Urban Design and Landscape Architecture
Translating the community’s vision and brand into the built environment is where urban design and architecture come into play. For the future of Addison, this means reimagining key corridors and gateways, as well as thinking about how existing office buildings and public spaces may need to evolve. Arcadis will develop concepts and renderings for select catalyst sites and gateway locations.
Parks, Recreation, and Sustainability
110% specializes in parks and recreation planning with a focus on fiscal sustainability, education, and aligning cities’ service models with available resources. 110% is leading the Park Development Fee study that is running concurrently with the Comprehensive Plan effort, and will coordinate closely with staff and Verdunity to ensure the two projects are well integrated.

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